Collection: Our Ceramics

Welcome to our exclusive collection of ceramics, where tradition and art blend to create unique works that bring with them the authenticity of Puglia.

Our ceramics, made with artisanal mastery, are inspired by the beauty of the trulli, an iconic symbol of our land.
Each piece is shaped with care and love, reflecting the richness of Apulian culture.
We use only high-quality, food-safe materials, with particular attention to detail, to ensure that each creation is an inimitable masterpiece.
Our extra virgin olive oil, as precious as our cultural heritage, is an integral part of this sensorial experience. Coming from centuries-old olive groves in Puglia, our oil is bottled with dedication to offer an authentic taste that fits perfectly with the culinary tradition of the region.
By choosing our ceramics with the trulli symbol, you bring home a piece of Puglia and enrich your environment with the timeless beauty of this fascinating land.
From our heart to your home, we invite you to discover and appreciate the magic of ceramics and extra virgin olive oil that contain the warmth and history of Puglia.