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Christmas gift guide: the winning choices to avoid mistakes

In this period of uncertainties and restrictions, the desire for Christmas is becoming increasingly stronger: a magical world, which thanks to its warm and bright atmospheres manages to bring a bit of joy and positivity into all homes, despite the difficult course of the pandemic. And if this year we are not allowed to hug each other and gather around large tables, it will be the small gifts, made from the heart, that will demonstrate all our closeness and affection towards our dearest people. And what's better than food to make someone happy immediately?

Why not take advantage of Christmas to think of new and original gifts?

We started from here, from our precious 100% ITALIAN extra virgin olive oil to show you how it can be expressed in many unique proposals.

Tradition and taste…

For lovers of tradition, who continually want to experiment with new sensorial frontiers, at Christmas you cannot miss gastronomic delights, typical wines and extra virgin olive oil . With our elegant and refined packaging, you will choose the highest quality.

A perfect idea to have fun exploring new flavors on a scale of tastes from the most delicate to the most intense, combining them with different dishes and preparations.

Or beauty and well-being?

For those who are more attentive to body care and their beauty routine, there are products from our La Beauty line: creams, room scenting scrubs and cleansers based on extra virgin olive oil , created to act delicately on the skin, but effectively thanks to the emollient and nourishing properties of EVO oil .

To you the choice!

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