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All the taste and flavour of Novello extra virgin olive oil

We are officially in the midst of the 2020 olive harvest and during these months it is impossible to resist the intense taste and aromas of the new extra virgin olive oil. This unique product, as its name suggests, is obtained from the first cold pressing of the olives.

Novello extra virgin olive oil is a top quality extra virgin olive oil that is neither filtered nor decanted so keeping all its characteristics and nutrients intact.

Its characteristics

The new extra virgin olive oil can be distinguished by its intense green colour, typical of the first pressing, and by a flavour so strong and lively that it produces an unmistakable prickling sensation in your throat.

This sensation can often be alarming and is interpreted as a defect in the acidity, but in actual fact it represents the undisputed quality of the oil. It is precisely in this mix of colours and flavours that the beneficial properties of novello extra virgin olive oil are produced, due to the presence of antioxidants and polyphenols that are essential for our health.

extra virgin olive oil Novello

How to use it?

In addition to the countless beneficial effects that the Novello oil can have from a health point of view, it is also an excellent ally in the kitchen enhancing the flavour of many dishes. In order to benefit from all its properties it is advisable to consume it in a short period of time.

To savour it in all its intensity, however, it is always better to use it raw: on salads, grilled meat or fish, a plate of pasta, a simple bruschetta or a freshly baked pizza: it will always be a triumph of flavour.

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