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Bread and extra virgin olive oil: a timeless, healthy and delicious snack.

Over time our eating habits have changed a lot, but in recent years the need to get back to basics is growing more and more. A healthy snack is an important starting point to educate our children about a correct diet.

During this period of pandemic and closures, it is above all the young people who have to spend more time at home, away from school and social gatherings.

They spend hours in front of a PC or smartphone, leading a less dynamic and more sedentary lifestyle.

For this reason it is essential that they have correct and healthy eating habits especially at snack times.

A winning combination

Reduce the indiscriminate consumption of snacks and refined foods loaded with sugar by choosing instead a good slice of bread or a tasty typical Apulian frisa with extra virgin olive oil.

It is not only good for your health, but also for the palate.

A winning, tasty and healthy combination that, with a little imagination can be immediately turned into an appetizer.

Just a few ingredients are enough to enhance the taste of this snack: from the classical cheese and tomato to salmon or avocado, or more daring combinations such as those with dark chocolate, a mouth-watering gourmet combination.

olio extra vergine di oliva Novello, 100% italiano, da prima spremitura a freddo.

Perfect for adults and children.

There are countless nutritional properties in extra vergine olive oil making it the key element in the Mediterranean diet. Teaching children this principle is important.

How to do it?

By bringing them closer to the world of cooking, getting them involved personally with the preparation of bread, teaching them about the different flours and whether to choose wholemeal or local ones, in the tasting of extra virgin olive oil and its fruity or more delicate varieties.
With "hands on" home baking everything will have more value.

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