Come preparare un purè di fave a regola d'arte - L'Acropoli di Puglia

How to expertly prepare a purée of dried broad beans.

In the kitchen everything evolves following new fashions and gastronomic experiments, but there are dishes that tell a story made of indelible traditions and habits.

There are unique combinations of authentic and genuine flavours now rooted in popular culture.

Italy is the home of good food and there are many culinary delicacies that characterize it all over the world, many are typically Apulian, mouth watering and appealing to everyone.

Traveling among the olive trees and the dry stone walls in the heel of Italy it would be easy to loose oneself in the intoxicating scents. Amongst these the first classic not to be missed is a good purèe of dried broad beans.

In order to make it perfectly the beans must soak in cold water for at least 12 hours, after which they are boiled for a long time until they reach the consistency of a purèe.

To make it creamier, some add a sliced potato.

The charm of this dish is in the magic it unleashes at a set table laden with countless seasonal side dishes creating a mix of colours and scents that revitalize the palate.

However, amongst the absolute musts imposed by tradition, it is customary to serve the purèe with wild chicory blanched quickly in salted water for a few minutes.

Seasoning everything with a good extra virgin olive oil is a perfect combination and will prove to be a winner.

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