Si torna alla normalità anche a tavola: via libera alle insalate condite con un buon olio extravergine di oliva - L'Acropoli di Puglia

We return to normal even at table, it’s time for crispy green salads dressed with good extra virgin olive oil.

The Coronavirus and two months spent in the house have caused us to lose a little bit of control of our lifestyle.

We have had more abundant and carbohydrate rich meals: bread, pasta, pizzas and focaccia were on the agenda daily, and we all had a go at making the dough. Now, in an attempt to get back to normality, it’s time to change our eating habits and return to a more healthy and balanced regime.

Green light for salads:

The warm season is approaching and with it lighter fresher and more colourful meals, where to start? The classic “green salad” still remains an ideal base for a light lunch or dinner and adding different ingredients can make it more appetizing and inviting. It is also ideal for out-of-town lunches or work breaks.
How to prepare them:

Using fresh fruit, lettuce, seasonal vegetables, fish, meat or cereals gives a free rein to your creativity, so producing new and original mixed salads. However there is an ingredient that must not be missed out and that is good quality extra virgin olive oil.

Be careful when choosing the salad dressing:

The world of salads is very varied and depending on the mixture of ingredients the flavour becomes more delicate or stronger, it is therefore important to choose the correct EVOO, it makes the difference.

olio extravergine di oliva mosto da 750 ml

Our 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil Mosto (non filtered) is obtained using the “cold pressing” method from our monoculture olives “coratina”. Its fruity taste makes an ideal dressing for salads, caprese, bread and tomatoes and unbeatable on bruschette.

Try it for yourself, buy online.
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