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How to use extra virgin olive oil in the kitchen, cooked or uncooked?

Extra virgin olive oil is the emblem of Mediterranean cooking, always used as an ingredient as well as a dressing. However various doubts exist about its use, one of which is the old question; is it best cooked or uncooked? There is a significant difference between the two, not only regarding the flavour but also from a nutritional point of view.

Extra virgin olive oil uncooked

In Italy it’s ususal to cook with extra virgin olive oil especially when tossing ingredients in a frying pan, but it’s when the EVOO is uncooked that it gives its best bitter spicy qualities and healthy contribution. Two spoonfuls are enough to dress a salad or enhance a fish or meat dish, used like this the oil releases all of its organoleptic and nutrional properties.

It has been confirmed by dozens of international surveys carried out over the years that extra virgin olive oil helps our bodies to produce many healthy properties.

Extra virgin olive oil cooked

When it’s cooked the oil loses these properties, the chemical profile is modified, the polyunsaturated fatty acid molecules break down and the other nutrients can undergo a kind of molecular deterioration.

Among the most noted antioxidant elements in extra virgin olive oil are without doubt, the polyphenols and it has been scientifically proven that their presence at high temperatures is reduced.

Absolutely avoid using extra virgin olive oil if it is heated beyond the so called “smoke point”, it’s at this temperature that the oil begins to burn and therefore becomes toxic.

olio extravergine di oliva florido

How to enhance the flavour

Using the right kind of uncooked olive oil with various kinds of dishes allows you to savour to the full all of its different subtle flavours. Our extra virgin olive oil Florido is ideal for uncooked use in sauces, roasted meats, side dishes and grilled vegetables.

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