Covid e agroalimentare: il vero prodotto Italiano ci aiuterà a guardare al futuro. - L'Acropoli di Puglia

Covid and agri-food: the true Italian product will help us look to the future.

Covid and agri-food: the true Italian product will help us look to the future.

The health emergency we are experiencing has placed greater attention on the true " Made in Italy ", recording a surge in requests for 100% Italian products.

750 ml extra virgin olive oil must

A turning point dictated by a precise orientation of consumers who expect to bring quality products to their tables, also as a sign of great responsibility towards those who, despite everything, have continued to work, guaranteeing the availability of the necessary goods for all Italian families.

The expansion of the pandemic has put the entire production, logistics and distribution chain of the agri-food market in serious difficulty, but despite everything, Italian companies are doing everything possible to guarantee quality and safety: recognizing this commitment is the best way to overcome the crisis and look to the future, aiming for conscious and informed consumption.

The olive sector has always been among the most affected by fake Italian products and food adulteration. Low prices, poor quality and misleading labels still confuse many consumers. Maximum attention must be paid to identify who will take advantage of this delicate historical moment by continuing to speculate and deceive the market.

The Lucarella family's Acropolis of Puglia will continue to work to guarantee 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil , deploying all the experience that has distinguished us for over a hundred years.

You can purchase our products from the online shop to receive them directly at home with deliveries throughout Italy.

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