Due simboli d'eccellenza della nostra terra, insieme per raggiungere chi è stato costretto ad annullare il suo viaggio in Puglia. - L'Acropoli di Puglia

Two symbols of excellence of our land, together to reach those who were forced to cancel their trip to Puglia.

The L'Acropoli di Puglia extra virgin olive oil is available online combined with the wines of the I Pastini cellars: a way to go beyond every border and bring the quality of 100% Italian products to anyone.

Extra virgin olive oil Must : This first pressing EVO oil, raw and integral, unfiltered, a fruit flower rich in polyphenols (antioxidant substances). Recommended raw for cold dishes especially on
salads, bruschetta, frize, cold pasta.

Vivace extra virgin olive oil : filtered oil with a natural “viride” green color called Vivace: young oil, fresh and gentle on the palate with an intense fruity aroma and the flavor of freshly cut grass. Suitable raw for bruschetta, salad, dipped vegetables, roasts, soups, pasta, broad beans and chicory.

Amabile extra virgin olive oil : mature oil with an almond flavour
sweet with a slightly bitter taste. Suitable for finishing delicate dishes, recommended on seafood and fish risottos.

Faraone White Wine: This wine is vinified in purity. Its straw yellow color with greenish reflections (hence the name "Verdeca"), its intense, delicate and floral bouquet, its dry and fresh flavour, make this wine particularly suitable for accompanying fish, shellfish and fruit dishes. of sea.

Le Rotaie Rosé Wine: This wine appears in the glass with a delicate pink colour, elegant in both color and aroma, it gives intense floral scents with notes of rose and strawberry. Soft, fresh and persistent on the palate, it is a wine that lends itself to being served and enjoyed throughout the meal, from aperitifs to starters and second courses whether based on meat or fish, also excellent paired with pizza.

Red Wine Verso Sud : This is a wine for all moments, as an aperitif and starter, excellent for accompanying meat-based dishes of all types (rabbit, veal, lamb, etc.). Ideal with parmigiana, it is also in perfect harmony with cheeses.

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