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It's the new olive oil season : everything you need to know

We are officially in the middle of the olive harvest. Everything is set up for the production of new olive oil and lovers of this sector are ready to enjoy the thrill of the intense new flavours.

Among these, the new or "novello" extra virgin olive oil is a must.

What is meant by new oil or "novello"

Novello is nothing more than fresh olive oil that is obtained from the first Coratina olives picked during the harvest, once pressed the oil is immediately bottled.

The result of this first pressing is a fresh extra virgin olive oil, with a fruity taste, full-bodied appearance and rich in antioxidants. Its colour is an intense green and is characterized by a strong flavour that leaves a prickly sensation in your throat. This is an indication of a fresh and genuine product, to some it may seem a negative characteristic, but in reality it is due to the presence of precious antioxidants that prevent cellular aging.

The cold pressing method is best to obtain the maximum organoleptic characteristics of new olive oil. Only in this way will it be possible to obtain a perfect extra virgin olive oil for the true lovers of strong flavours.

How to taste it

To savour it in all its intensity it is best to use it uncooked, it is perfect with bruschetta, salads and dips.

With the arrival of winter and the first cold weather, it goes perfectly with legume soups, even in this case however, adding it after the soup is cooked allows you to better enhance its quality.

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