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Better zeppole with extra virgin olive oil

With Father's Day and Saint Joseph's Day approaching, everything is ready to focus on the preparation of a dessert typical of this holiday: zeppole, so inviting at first glance and irresistible at the first bite.


Zeppole are a dessert that has its origins in the Campania tradition. It is in fact quite certain that the zeppola di San Giuseppe landed on paper for the first time in the historic treatise " La Cucina Teorico Pratica ", of 1837, by the Neapolitan gastronome Ippolito Cavalcanti, Duke of Buonvicino .

The recipe at the time included a dough made of water and flour, fried and then covered in sugar. According to various historical testimonies, this procedure spread until the end of the 19th century, from then on the recipe began to evolve, defining the zeppole as that beautiful swirl of choux pastry filled with custard, with a black cherry on top.

The healthiest version

Today there is only one dilemma when it comes to zeppole: fried or baked? While palates take sides, it is important to carefully select the ingredients to use for a healthy product. Among the variations preferred by those who don't want to give up their figure, there is certainly the one without butter, replaced by the use of extra virgin olive oil.

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Making choux pastry with extra virgin olive oil is a perfect choice for a better dessert from a nutritional point of view, lighter and more digestible , compared to butter which contains many saturated fats which contribute to raising cholesterol values.

The result in terms of taste is guaranteed.

Your zeppole will be puffy, light and with an impeccable consistency for a perfect and healthy dessert!

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Happy Father's Day everyone!

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