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Quality extra virgin olive oil and children's nutrition

Extra virgin olive oil, one of the fundamental elements of the Mediterranean diet, is known for its countless healthy properties for both adults and children.

We talked about it with Dr. Pastore, Pediatrician of Martina Franca.

pediatrician Francesco Pastore

Question (D): Is the consumption of extra virgin olive oil important in children's nutrition? If yes, why?
Answer (R): Absolutely yes! In fact, extra virgin olive oil contains various substances that are important for the growth and psycho-physical development of children from an early age, such as polyphenols and antioxidants which therefore defend the body from so-called free radicals.
Q: What type of extra virgin olive oil is advisable to introduce into children's diet?
A: Extra virgin olive oil obtained by cold pressing is certainly the most suitable.

Q: From what month can it be given to the infant?
A: From the 5th month we can introduce it in the first baby food accompanied by cereals in vegetable broth.
Q: Is there a difference between using quality and non-quality extra virgin olive oil?
A: Quality is fundamental: not all oils are the same so it is important to ensure the origin and processing of the oil.

Q: What is the maximum consumption limit of extra virgin olive oil for preparing baby food?
A: Maximum 30 grams per day.
Q: In addition to being good for the child's health, is it true that, for external use, extra virgin olive oil has a nourishing, soothing, emollient, antioxidant and protective action?
A: Very true! For example, it is used in children to remove the crusts of seborrheic dermatitis - the so-called "cradle cap" -, but generally products based on extra virgin olive oil are excellent for correct hydration of the child's skin and beyond.

Q: For example, is it true that during pregnancy it is advisable to moisturize and massage the belly with extra virgin olive oil to avoid stretch marks?
A: There are some studies that have underlined this important property of extra virgin olive oil used in massages of pregnant women where it helps prevent stretch marks.
Q: How many and what are the benefits of extra virgin olive oil?
A: The benefits are now known to everyone. It is certainly a real "gold" of our Mediterranean diet, as it provides "clean" energy to our body, prevents metabolic diseases and protects our body from cancer.
Q: Suggest us a recipe for children that has quality extra virgin olive oil as an ingredient...:)
frisa_pomodoro_origanoR: I am a traditionalist from Puglia and I believe that the best can be a nice frisa with tomato and extra virgin olive oil with a sprinkling of oregano... much healthier than a snack!

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