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There's no use denying it, Christmas is not Christmas without panettone. The symbol par excellence of the Christmas festivities , panettone is a treat that everyone enjoys, the undisputed protagonist of an Italian Christmas dinner.


Legends say that panettone has very ancient Milanese origins, but the first documentary evidence of the existence of it dates back to 1606, when, in the first Milanese-Italian dictionary there is mention of a certain “panaton de danedaa” a large loaf of bread prepared for Christmas.

During that time panettone was very flat, similar to focaccia. Yeast and candied fruit made their first appearance in some nineteenth-century recipe books, and it is only in the second half of this century that the evidence of panettone starts to increase.

After the Second World War, however, thanks to the addition of mother yeast, plus eggs and butter, the panettone takes on the appearance we all now know.

Our extra virgin olive oil artisan panettone


Since then, experimentation and creativity have never stopped giving life to an endless series of delicious variations. Absolutely not to be missed is the extra virgin olive oil artisan panettone, this irresistible variety tastes delicious and is also a perfect idea for a gift.


The main advantage of this panettone lies in the replacement of butter with extra virgin olive oil which has significant nutritional benefits.

While butter is rich in cholesterol and saturated fatty acids, extra virgin olive oil is rich in polyphenols, antioxidants and vitamin E, substances that counteract free radicals and produce an antioxidant effect . Furthermore, the use of extra virgin olive oil instead of butter is also ideal for those who are lactose intolerant, they too can enjoy the tastiness of a tradional panettone without any kind of sacrifice.

Only sour dough starter is used to make our panettone, and after 36 hours of leavening the result is a soft, golden-coloured, well-balanced panettone, with an excellent honeycomb structure that when cut open releases wonderful Mediterranean aromatic scents.

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