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Is it time for a ski holiday? Here are the essentials to bring in your suitcase

Ready for the skiing week? Today we suggest how to be at your best during your days at high altitude for a perfect beauty routine in the snow. From lip balms to protective filters, from hydrating body fluids to delicate hair shampoo: here is a selection of beauty products that you cannot do without during your mountain holiday.

Before hitting the slopes, prepare your skin with a peeling with the extra virgin olive oil based scrub: just gently massage your face and neck until the microgranules and gel are completely absorbed. After rinsing your face, apply the Nourishing Cream by carefully massaging it evenly onto your face and neck. Don't forget to apply lip balm based on extra virgin olive oil on both the lips and cheekbones, the parts most exposed to the cold, potential dehydration and chapping. extra virgin olive oil cosmetics

The ideal is to re-apply it at least every two hours, especially after sweating or exposure to wind and snow: remember that snow reflects around 80% of the sun's UV light. If your skin is particularly pale and delicate , apply an even more intense protective filter, such as the Face Sun Protection 50 cream, again based on Extra Virgin Olive Oil which, with its dual function, protects from the sun's rays and hydrates the skin deeply.

And after a day on the slopes, what should you do?
After exposure to the cold but also to the magnificent sun that the mountains provide, the skin has lost a lot of water, so it is absolutely necessary to cleanse and hydrate it. The cleansing milk from the L'à Beauty line not only gently removes the impurities that have settled on the skin during descents, but nourishes it with hydrolidipic elements that promote the rebalancing of water.
The skin, now cleansed, is ready for the Anti-Wrinkle Cream, a panacea to prevent and reduce the risk of skin aging following exposure to atmospheric agents and cold temperatures.

For hair and body shower bath with extra virgin olive oil
The wind from the snow-capped peaks can also damage your hair, making it dry and dull: bring the hydrating shampoo and the restructuring conditioner with you to keep your hair strong and healthy thanks to the presence of extra virgin olive oil.

We also have the right solution for your hands
The hands are perhaps the first to feel the effects of the mountain cold: do not forget, both before and after the descents, to apply and massage the specific Moisturizing Hand Cream. Also in this case, the emollient and nourishing properties of extra virgin olive oil come to the rescue against dryness, chapping and irritation.
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