Tour and Tasting

We do not produce only oil. We talk about it.

Because in a bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from L’Acropolis of Puglia is crystallized the essence of our territory, the passion of a job that knows no rest, 365 days a year, the importance of taking care of your well-being through feeding.

A universe that Vincenzo, the last generation of millers within our family is able to narrate, the essence of the cordiality and the Apulian hospitality in the tours and tastings that we organize within our company, in Martina Franca.

Recognize a quality oil, find out what are the organoleptic properties that must have an Extra Virgin Olive Oil, retrace all stages of production, be able to have a look at the mill from which the yellow gold is extracted and the place where it is stored, then savor the different types: Amabile, Vivace, Mosto and Florido. Our tour includes all these and much more, as there will be a visit to the small museum attached to the mill that is full of ancient antiques, and unexpected final surprises. The tasting of some varieties of balsamic vinegar, always produced by us and aged in clay bottles for several years. A new challenge still to be experienced!

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