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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Amabile Anti-filling 250 ml

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Amabile Anti-filling 250 ml

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Extra virgin olive oil Amabile 250 ml.
First cold pressed
Filtered, 100% Italian
Extra Virgin olive oil Amabile with cap anti-filling 250 ml

"Vivace" extra virgin olive oil is kept in underground stone carved cisterns.

Through this stowage method, the oil has a slow ripening process at a constant and natural temperature and is kept away from heat, air and light.

Such a process gives birth to ripe and sweet almonds flavored oil called "Amabile".
Recommended to use it for delicate dishes and seafood risotto.

Product complies with Article 18 law 161/2014, which came into force on 23 November 2014 and ministerial circular of 15 December 2014.
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