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Cotto di Mosto with chili 100 ml

Cotto di Mosto with chili 100 ml

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Cotto di Mosto with Chili 100 ml
100% italian with white grapes (Bianco d'alessano and verdeca).
Produced without alcohol, sulphites and with no added sugar.
Cotto di Mosto dressing 100 ml with chili pepper

A natural product obtained from the juice of freshly squeezed white grapes subsequently cooked in traditional pink copper furnaces and refined in clay containers (CAPASONE).

The variety of grapes used are Verdeca and Bianco d'Alessano, typical to the Itria Valley (DOC), they are rigorously picked by hand from vines where the canes have been short pruned.

The pressing is slow, constant and instant, the same day as the harvest, and is carried out using an antique hand press.

The baking is slow and is carried out immediately after the pressing to avoid alcoholic fermentation and the formation of sulphites.

The ageing takes place over a long period to allow the settling and elimination of unrefined sugar particles.

The refinement, thanks to the CAPASONE, guarantees that the Mosto Cotto has an optimal micro oxygenation.

The technique remains a secret, ancient traditions and crafts are repeated and have been handed down from father to son since 1889.

Ideal for seasoning savory dishes and dark chocolate

Excellent with mature cheeses, salads, roasted meats and dark chocolate ice-cream.

Produced without alcohol, sulphites and with no added sugar.
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