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Apulian desire

Apulian desire

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Our typical Apulian products are of the highest quality.
This is an original idea for those who love to serve true Apulian flavours at table.
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1 bottle 750 ml extra virgin olive oil Mosto:
First cold pressed made, cloudy, not filtered, rich in polyphenols and antioxidants.Recommended to use raw olive oil for cold dishes dressing such as salad, bruschetta, frise and cold pasta.

1 bottle 750 ml extra virgin olive oil Vivace:
First cold pressed made, filtered, young, fresh, characterized by an intensively fruity fragrance and by a taste of fresh herbs. Recommended to use it for bruschette, salad, vegetables dipped in oil, roasted meat, soups, pasta, fava beans and chicory.

1 bottle 750 ml extra virgin olive oil Amabile:
First cold pressed made, filtered, mature, fresh, characterized by an almonds fragrance and by a taste of almonds and fresh herbs. Recommended to use it for delicate dishes and seafood risotto.

1 bottle 750 ml Primitivo di Manduria wine:
This wine is 100% made from the Primitivo grape, grown in the Manduria area. With a ruby red colour, it is a full bodied wine, powerful but round. Maturation takes place in durmast barrels which enhance its complex structure. It shows fruity aromas on the nose followed by sweet notes of vanilla and chocolate on the palate. Its tannins are velvety and soft and the mouth feel is quite robust.
It is recommended with grilled meat and succulent first dishes, and it also perfectly matches with aged cheese. It is best served at 18°C after being decanted for at least one hour, to open up its flavours.

1 bottle 250 ml Cotto di Mosto:
A natural product obtained from the juice of freshly squeezed white grapes subsequently cooked in traditional pink copper furnaces and refined in clay containers (CAPASONE).

1 cup of truffle and porcini mushroomcream with extra virgin olive oil 50g
Porcini mushroom cream with summer truffle in 50g jars.
An irresistible mixture without preservatives or dyes that will satisfy the finest of palates.

1 bag of orecchiette bianche martinesi (dry pasta) 500 gr:
The Orecchiette Martinesi are made with 100% italian fine flour.

1 bag of frise bianche martinesi 500 gr:
The dough is made by leavening type “0” durum wheat flour with water, salt and yeast. It is then worked by hand until a uniform mixture is obtained, the dough is then cut into pieces, the size of which is in accordance with the local tradition, and each piece is worked into a diamond shape. Baked in a wood oven

1 Room fragrance 250 ml:
If you wish to perfume your home, office or any location with a typical Mediterranean scent, our original and trendy designed diffuser produces a fragrance of olive leaves. It’s light, fresh flowery essence creates an aromatherapy bestowing regenerating properties.
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