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All the phases to taste extra virgin olive oil correctly

The moment of tasting an olive oil is essential to understand if it is of quality.

It is precisely thanks to a careful visual, olfactory and gustatory analysis that all the characteristics of a good product are identified.

For experts in the sector it is like reliving a special ritual every time to reconnect with ancient wisdom.

How to proceed?

Pour a quantity of approximately 15 ml of olive oil into the glass.

Visual analysis:

Color, fluidity and body are the first factors that are examined by a careful eye and can depend on the olive oil processing processes, the geographical origin of the olives and the harvest.

Olfactory analysis:

The olfactory examination lasts approximately 30"

After pouring a little olive oil of about 15 ml into a dark colored glass, cover it with a lid or watch glass saucer so that the aromas and perfumes are not dispersed.

Gently swirl the glass while holding it at an angle to heat the contents (about 28°).

After removing the lid from the glass, smell the aroma from both the right and left nostrils.

In this way it will release all its aromas and you will be able to perceive the notes and sensations of the product.

Il bicchiere degustazione Lucarella
Tasting glass

Tasting analysis:

It is the moment of the actual tasting which takes place without ingesting the oil, but bringing it into direct contact with the taste buds.
In this step it is important to take in air with short and successive aspirations, keeping your teeth clenched and your tongue against the roof of your mouth to perceive the greatest number of sensations.

Once the tasting phase is concluded we move on to the pairing phase with food: to best enhance each dish it is essential to choose the type of product most suitable for different flavours, only in this way will we be able to make the most of all the qualities of our 100 extra virgin olive oil % Italian!
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