L’Olio Extravergine di Oliva L’Acropoli di Puglia: una questione di famiglia - L'Acropoli di Puglia

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil L’Acropolis of Puglia: a family heritage

Vincenzo and Domenico. Grandparents and grandchildren of the same name, in an alternation that has been going on for 7 generations. Not looking any different, can be recognized because they have the same eyes, hair, cheekbones, and also the same love for their land. And for the green gold that flows from it which is the oil.

From 1889 till date we have handed down, from father to son, the ancient art of the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil: we are artisans, in love with our ancient patriarchs - the ancient olive trees - a symbol of our civilization. We are growers, producers and we are also supporters of a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle. A mission that we have been carrying out for over a hundred years with a lot of dedication and same old processing techniques that ensure our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is of excellent quality.

We start from the origin: our olive varieties

Centuries-old olive groves, between Martina Franca and Crispiano, which challenge the passing of time and belong to the Coratina cultivar. It is from Coratina that the best Apulian Extra Virgin Olive Oil is extracted: considered the "top", the extracted oil contains a higher polyphenol content than the average. A small part of our production is dedicated to the blend "leccina- nociara" grafted on the same plant that we grow in the Melfi area.

Harvesting and processing: Done today as yesterday

November / December: these are the months that we dedicate to the olive harvest that, even today, we do manually, directly from the trees, before complete maturation takes place. This allows obtaining a pure and absolute quality extra virgin olive oil, thanks to the high concentration of polyphenols that would be lost if the olives were allowed to age too much. Everything then happens quickly and within 24 hours from the harvest, we transport the olives in our ancient semi-
underground oil mill (the same since 1860) and here they are crushed and turned into dough through the use of heavy stone wheels (molazze). Like we always do in the past, following the kneading and cold pressing is the precious phases of oil processing which take place under 27 °,
in order to maintain the organoleptic properties unaltered.

Conservation: our tanks

The conservation of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is as important as its production: this is why we use ancient tanks obtained in rock, underground, far from light and heat and with a temperature between 14 ° and 18 °. This is to let the produced oil settle in a totally natural way.

Finally: the tasting

All that remains is the last step, the taste test. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a real distillate of Puglia.
Fresh grass smell, fragrance of Mediterranean scrub, fruity scent. On the palate it is fruity, soft and enveloping and one of the best qualities is its light tingling characteristics, the pleasantly bitter
aftertaste, some spicy notes.

An oil, a story, and a family that we invite you to know by participating in our company tours.
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