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How to recognise a quality extra virgin olive oil?

Extra virgin olive oil is the condiment par excellence of Italian cuisine and the fundamental element of the Mediterranean diet. An ancient product that through its perfumes and intense aromas captures history, traditions, cultures and ancient knowledge. Among the various types of existing olive oil, the most valuable is extra virgin olive oil, characterized by different varieties depending on the cultivars used and how they are harvested and pressed.


Beware of fakes !!!!

Knowing how to distinguish a quality product is essential to avoid scams and wrong purchases, in the gastronomic world the counterfeiting of extra virgin olive oil is the most widespread. Often these oils that have been mixed and refined illegally are passed off as Italian products.

Lesson 1: don't be fooled by the colour.

In the "L'Acropoli di Puglia's blog" we have decided to guide you step by step to recognise an Italian product of guality. Let's start by noticing the simplest and most visual thing, the colour. An intense green extra virgin olive oil is certainly very inviting, but it is not synonymous with quality. It is no coincidence that cobalt blue glass is used during the tasting of extra virgin olive oil, this is to avoid that the colour creates some prejudice in the evaluation of the olive oil. The degree of ripeness and the variety of olives used determines the colour of extra virgin olive oil, which ranges from shades of green to gold.

So do not immediately trust the intense and bright colour, learn how to look further, stay updated on our blog for the next tip!

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