As they begin to ripen the olives are rich in an antioxidant called ‘Virde’; this is the moment when they are harvested. Each olive is individually selected and handpicked. They are then taken to our mill where they are immediately crushed. 


macina to transform olives
In order to preserve the natural viscosity of the oil modern technology is disregarded in favour of a centuries old tradition in which the carefully picked olives are crushed into a thick paste using heavy stone wheels called ‘molazze’.


mixing machine
The olive paste is mixed with the resulting pulp evenly distributed onto circular mats called “fiscoli”. These are then stacked one on top of another and transferred to the next stage, the pressing.


The tower of fiscoli are placed on a hydraulic piston where they are pressure is applied and a liquid called ‘Fiore di Frutto’ is extracted from the paste.