The artisan panettone made with extra virgin olive oil Kg 1,00


The artisan panettone made with extra virgin olive oil: 

Ingredients: type 00 flour, extra virgin olive oil Florido, cocoa butter,sugar, egg yolk,water, natural mother yeast, honey, salt, natural flavors.

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The artisan panettone made with Florido extra virgin olive oil is the result of a recipe prepared with the best local raw materials.

This panettone is different than the usual ones as it’s made with extra virgin olive oil rather than butter and is therefore also suitable for those who are lactose intolerant, while still retaining all the typical characteristics of a traditional panettone.

Only sour dough starter is used, and after about 36 hours of leavening the baked panettone is a golden colour, well balanced, soft, with an excellent alveolar structure, releasing Mediterranean aromatic scents.

With its typical “dome” shape it has now become a must on the dinner table during the Christmas period.

At Christmas we continue to get a thrill from family traditions.
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