Our company

Our history – Frantoio Oleario since 1889

Five generations united by the red thread of tradition, the consistency of values and reputation. This is the story of our family, this is the story of our L’Acropoli di Puglia oil mill.

In a world where everything changes and runs quickly, we have consciously taken a different direction: we have chosen to give value to quality, to respect the teachings of our grandparents and master millers, to preserve the biodiversity of our landscape by protecting the olive trees.


Even today, the olives are harvested by hand in our lands that are located between Martina Franca and Crispiano, to be transformed, after just 24 hours, inside our underground oil mill, the same used by our grandparents since 1860.

Stone against stone, granite against granite: our oil is simply obtained, without compromise, with an ancient stone mill and by strictly cold pressing.

The bottling of oil within our company closes a circle of controlled production chain, which finds strength in the past in order to meet the future demand.

This is what we have learned from our grandparents. With this knowledge today, our generation adds an ethical and at the same time innovative vision. The ability to work on international markets, with a deep awareness and sense of responsibility towards our land.

With dedication, hard work and a busy every day, with passion and professionalism, from the love towards this precious fruit comes an extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality, which keeps intact all its olfactory and nutritional characteristics. Today like yesterday. For over 100 years.


We grew up in the shadows of an olive tree: from 1889 to today our family has been cultivating and taking care of hundreds of trees, many of them centuries-old, in the heart of Puglia. This ensures a peculiar attention in the harvest of olives that still today happens with traditional methods, before the olives reach the complete maturation. Because only starting from a high-quality raw material we can get an excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Our added value is an olive oil mill – semi-hypogeum – ownership: this guarantees an immediate olive pressing, within 24-36 hours, to preserve all the beneficial properties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. A continuous research of quality that reflects also in the choice of applying cold pressing, which guarantees a product full of those polyphenols that are so important for health and beauty.



The production chain of Extra Virgin Olive Oil ends within our company: a goal that has cost us hard work, but that has fully repaid the efforts. Our olive Oil is indeed bottled internally, to reduce to the minimum the contact with the air – a bitter enemy of the oil – for the whole process. There are two last steps: a dark bottle to reduce light damages and a label that clearly tells the story of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


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