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Novello Extra Virgin olive oil not filtered 0,750 lt

Novello Extra Virgin olive oil not filtered 0,750 lt

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Extra Virgin olive oil lt 0,750
First cold pressed.
Not Filtered, 100% Italian.
Extra Virgin olive oil Novello 750 ml

The extra virgin olive oil is obtained from "coratina" monocultivar fresh and undamaged olives that, selected at the right stage of ripeness, are picked by hand from the branches of Apulia olive tree groves.

Immediately after picking, olives are milled in millstones, cold pressed and crushed in slow motion.

The oil extracted from such a method undergoes a settling, ripening and refining process in underground storage tanks.
Such a system gives birth to "Novello" extra virgin olive oil.
Made by first pressing, "Novello" extra virgin olive oil is unrefined, unfiltered and therefore dense.

Last but not least, it is a rich source of natural antioxidants, such as poliphenols.

Recommended to use raw olive oil for cold dishes dressing such as salad, bruschetta, frise and cold pasta salad recipes.
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